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Anonymous asked: "That CL gif about letting go of the fucks u give, what video is it from? Thanks in advance!!"

Alright I had to ask the original poster but its from 2ne1’s Japanese mv of Scream. Here’s the link *

Admin J

posted 3 weeks ago

thechoomgoeson asked: "Y'all still around? Your blog/tumblr-thingy is awesome and I wanna give you requests that make it awesomer. ;))))"

Well we are in a way, and that’s great that you have requests!! But the truth is we are very busy these days. To the point where neither of us have the time to sit down and make things. We’re both working and I’m going to school. So let me make this an official announcement! 

*taps microphone* Attention ALL!!  

We are looking for more admins!! The more the merrier! We are looking for people who know about yg artist, can make gifs, and can be on tumblr on a nearly regular basis! If you are interested or think someone else might be interested, or if you have a cat named snickers and you call him fatty-2-by-four *achem* THEN THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!! 

hoping to make everyone laugh more, 

Admin J (and in spirit admin k&t) 


Finals! Party hard, before your education and good money goes to waste!!


Finals! Party hard, before your education and good money goes to waste!!



Knowledge of winners I need  

So before I start reblogging some winner/team b macros I found. I’d like to save myself the trouble of possibly tagging them all wrong! ^^; So does any of our followers feel like explaining them to auntie K&J? 

Side note: I haven’t talked to K yet, but we might be looking for some more admins. Who know about winner and have some free time on their hands! 

-Admin J 


original [x]

dopoep asked: "oh hi. well. are you on hiatus? I love this blog so much I am laughing for a straight hour reading your posts and I feel there are more hours to come,are you gonna come back,maybe? I NEED YOU,DON'T LEAVE ME"

OH WAIT! I didn’t notice this was directed to this blog!

Well….Admin J and I need to discuss this blog tbh. We’re both working now and macro’s take some creativity that I don’t seem to have these days, personally.

- Admin K

Yeaaaaa, K and I will definitely need to talk here soon. We’re probably going to be looking for more admins who have the time ^^; So for the time being I’ll try to reblog as much stuff as I can find. And I won’t leave you, I’m not going anywhere! 

- Admin J 

My hair on windy day… 







Created By: unknownlivez@tumblr


Created By: unknownlivez@tumblr